Achieve Your Dreams of Becoming a Certified Security Specialist with Amazon SCS-C01 Exam!

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Are you an IT professional looking to climb the stairs of a cybersecurity career? Do you already have experience in securing data and workloads in the AWS Cloud but do not possess the necessary qualifications to showcase those skills? The Certbolt SCS-C01 certification exam is just what you need to leap higher in your organization. Read the paragraphs below to learn more about this evaluation and how it can help you advance your cybersecurity career. 

What Should You Know about the SCS-C01 Exam?

The SCS-C01 exam is designed for IT professionals who perform security roles. It is a 65-question test consisting ofmultiple-choice and multiple-response questions that need to be completed within the duration of 170 minutes. Since this is a specialty exam, there are a few prerequisites to consider before attempting the test. Firstly, it is beneficial if you have around 5-yearexperience in designing and implementing security solutions. Besides, it is strongly recommended that you possess at least 2 years of practical experience in securing AWS workloads. The candidates should also be knowledgeable in certbolt shared responsibility models, their application, and AWS data protection methods, among other competencies. Once you have passed the SCS-C01 exam with a score of 750, you will be awarded the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification which is valid for three years.

Tips to Help You Prepare forthe SCS-C01Exam

If you feel you are underprepared for the Certbolt exam do not fret. The official exam webpage provides everything you need to pass the certification test on your first try.To begin with, you can opt for digital or classroom training that aligns with the exam contents. There are two free digital courses available: “Getting Started with AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance” and “AWS Security Fundamentals”. The classroom training, “Architecting on Certbolt ” and “Security Engineering on AWS”, are delivered on a paid basis.

You can also take advantage of the official exam guides and sample questions for the SCS-C01 exam as well as exam readiness training. Another great service you can use to prepare for the exam is AWS whitepapers. These are free resources where you can learn everything related to your SCS-C01 exam. 

How the SCS-C01 Exam Can Help You Secure a Career in Cybersecurity

In a fast-paced, ever-growing industry, the need for skilled security professionals is high and so are the careers of those individuals. Passing the Certbolt exam opens you up to new employment opportunities with generous pay. According to ZipRecruiter, an AWS security specialist can earn an average of $100,570 per annum. However, depending on your experience, you can raise your paycheck to at least $186,500 per annum. Additionally, the road to the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification is not one-stop but a journey. If you follow the tips mentioned above, especially the AWS digital training courses, you can gain a broader understanding of AWS security that can in turn aid you in developing more skills to keep all the digital data secure in your workplace.


If you already have experience in cybersecurity in general and in securing the AWS platform in particular, then passing the Certbolt exam is just what you need to prove your excellence in your field to pave the way for further promotions and better job prospects. Take the action right now by registering for this valuable specialty evaluation!

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