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Abott’s COVID-19 Test Kit Gives False Negative Results; Patients May Need Retesting – FDA

The Food and Drug Administration warned on Thursday about a COVID-19 diagnostic test could be giving inaccurate results.

COVID-19: Cancer Patients Won’t Visit Check-ups Anymore; Nvidia Launches AI System for Hospitals

Hospitals are now urging cancer patients to visit hospitals amid the pandemic still. Meanwhile, Nvidia releases an artificial intelligence (AI) system in hospitals that...

Fortnite Secret Challenge Guide: Where to Destroy Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges

The teddy bears versus garden gnomes challenge is back yet again on Fortnite. Here's how you can ace this secret challenge.

NASA and SpaceX to Make History in Two Weeks with First Space Mission Since 2011

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft only has less than two weeks before they launch astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time ...

[VIDEO] Scientists Helping Blind People ‘See’ By Drawing Symbols Directly In Their Brains with Electric Stimulation

Scientists have developed a new electric stimulation method that can draw symbols, shapes, and letters on the human brain to help blind people 'see.'

Apple’s 14th Annual Suppliers Report Outlines Serious Safety Precautions For All Employees Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The report came with a statement from Apple's senior vice president of operations, Sabih Khan, saying that they planned to limit the density and...

Sony Will Have World’s First Image Sensor Integrated With AI to Make its Cameras Smarter

The new IMX500 sensor will have both memory and processing power that will allow its camera to have machine learning-powered computer vision task performance...

Google Chrome Blocks Ads That Drains Your Battery and Data Without You Knowing

Google Chrome has launched an update that focuses on removing all advertisements on the platform that uses too much battery or data from the...

NOW TRENDING: 20-Minute Youtube Outage Caused Lost Contents on Channels

A Youtube outage was recently reported. For 20 minutes, the video-sharing platform was not operational, causing videos to disappear on each channel. Thankfully, Youtube...

[BREAKING] New US Military Space Force Will Unveil a New Flag After 72 Years

The new US Military service will have a new flag after 72 years. It will symbolize America's military service expansion

‘Messenger Rooms’ Facebook’s New 50-Person Zoom Alternative is Now Available on Desktop and Mobile

The new feature is double WhatsApp's capacity on video calls, plus has new features for Facebook Dating and Instagram Live.

WHO: Coronavirus ‘May Never Go Away’ and the Human Race Will Learn to Live with COVID-19 Just like HIV

The World Health Organization's health emergency chief also said that it was impossible to put an exact time frame on when this pandemic would...

COVID-19 Cure Development: 20,000 People to be Exposed To Coronavirus In Human Trials; UV Light Can Neutralize COVID-19

A new 'human classified trial' will expose 20,000 people to the novel coronavirus. Experts have also suggested that UV light can prevent COVID-19 infections.

Apple News Update: Apple Buys NextVR; Augmented Reality Glasses and Headset are Coming

Apple Augmented Reality Glasses and Headsets will soon become a thing as the Company acquires VR broadcasting startup NextVR.

NASA Backs Up Studies Aiming to Understand the Full Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic to the Environment

How much has the coronavirus pandemic affected the Earth, specifically our environment? Studies will be conducted, and NASA is on board.

Coronavirus: Study Shows More Than A Quarter of Most-Viewed Coronavirus YouTube Videos Have Misleading Claims

Researchers identified the 69 most popular YouTube videos about COVID-19/ They then gave each a special score based on the accuracy of its information....

This Bluetooth Speaker Is Smart Home Savvy, Waterproof, with 360-degree Sound

Finding a perfect Bluetooth speaker that works perfectly indoors and outdoors is quite a task, but possible. Bang & Olufsen claims to give customers...

France Has a New Law That Mandates Social Media Giants to Delete Extremist Contents or Pay a Fine

Anything related to pedophilia or terrorism, among others, should be deleted by Facebook or Instagram in the new law.

Quick MRI Scan Can Detect Prostate Cancer in 15 minutes, May Save Thousands of Lives

Scientists have created a scanner that can quickly detect prostate cancer within 15 minutes so that people can skip rectal examinations.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cheat Helps Complete Art Museum Faster

There's a new cheat on Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allow you to time travel, making it easier to complete your ACNH Art Museum.
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Mortal Kombat 11 ganha novo pacote de skins

O design dos personagens foi inspirado no filme original Mortal Kombat de 1995 e conta com aparência e voz, na versão em inglês, de Christopher Lambert, Linden Ashby e Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

“Black Friday” e Direito do Consumidor: A Importância do “PACTA SUNT SERVANDA”

Em Direito Civil, e no Direito do Consumidor, os pactos devem ser mantidos em sua inteireza. Mesmo porque, em havendo a oferta do produto ou serviço ao consumidor[5], sempre deve ser lembrado que a oferta vincula o proponente (ou policitante, num linguajar mais técnico)

Black Friday da Cinemark tem ‘Tenet’, ‘Convenção das Bruxas’ e ‘Trolls 2’

“Tenet”, novo filme Christopher Nolan, liderou a bilheteria nacional das últimas semanas. Já “Convenção das Bruxas” traz Anne Hathaway como a Grande Rainha Bruxa, enquanto a animação “Trolls 2” reúne artistas como Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, e Mary J. Blige na trilha sonora.

Melhor ataque do mundo? Vasco da Gama pode ter Cano, Balotelli e Hulk juntos em 2021

Leven Siano, assessorado pelo empresário italiano Fábio Cordella e por Seedorf, tem mantido contatos no mundo todo com grandes craques oara defenderem a camisa do Vasco da Gama e promete um time competitivo para 2020.

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